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How to Start a Biscuit Making Business

If you are planning to begin a biscuit business, then you need to know that it is a profitable business that can be done from home. Any person can start this type of business. In fact, it is perfect for students and beginners who want to venture into the business world.

Serving morning tea with biscuits is quite common in most households. In fact, all age groups love crispy biscuits that are readily available in stores at reasonable prices. You should note that biscuits are delicious foods that are available in different shapes, variety, flavor, and shape.

Get Machinery Required

You should note that the biscuit making business requires quality biscuit manufacturing machines such as Oven, Mixer, Spreader, Laminators, and more. Also, you require packaging machines such as wrapping and sealing machines.

Analyzing Potential Market

You should note that biscuit making has great potential. That is because biscuits are consumed in each home on a daily basis. The truth is that the demand for biscuits is quite high, whether it is in urban areas or rural areas. Venturing into this business is all about tactics and strategy. You need to know some effective strategies for promoting and selling your biscuits. Remember that this is an industry that needs innovative packing and flavors.

Get Licenses Needed

First, you need to register your business. Depending on the size, you can register it as a sole proprietorship or partnership firm. A proprietorship is when you run the business yourself. However, if you have partners, then you will register it as a partnership. Also, you will need to acquire a trade license, trademark, and other things required to run a business.


Ideally, you are going to start this business from home. As a result, you have to provide some paperwork because there are laws that govern home-based business. For instance, you may not be allowed to use your kitchen for cooking other foods other than biscuits. In addition, pets are not allowed in those homes. It is advisable to set aside space for the commercial kitchen and register it with the local government.

Get Raw Materials

As you know, the main raw materials for manufacturing biscuits include sugar, wheat flour, salt, milk, sugar, essence, ghee, and edible colors. In fact, the taste and quality of your food are depended on the food product on raw materials. Therefore, ensure the raw material you choose is of reasonable price and good quality. Another thing you ought to know is packaging can have a huge difference.