How to Buy Your First Guitar

Are you planning to buy a guitar for yourself or for someone else? You should note that what you like is likely to differ from what someone else likes depending on your taste in style and music. It is vital to acquire a lot of information and knowledge before buying a guitar. The following are factors to help you get the right guitar to suit your needs.

Type of Guitar

First, you need to determine whether you want an electric or girl playing guitaric guitar. Remember that acoustics are great to learn. There are no fancy whistles and bells. If you are going to have lessons, then you need to focus on sound. That is because you want the sound that is clear and precise when playing. Most famous and brilliant guitarists started with an electric. It offers more variety in looks, playing styles, and sound. Another thing to consider when determining whether to buy an electric or acoustic guitar is the genre of music you play.

Style and Shape

It is advisable to pick what you think looks the best. For instance, if you are looking for a given shape or color, you should focus on it. Look at expensive guitars for inspiration. An important thing to consider is the variation amongst the acoustics. However, various body sizes produce different sounds. If you are purchasing one for a child, you should look for small-scale guitars that have fretboards and shorter necks.

Your Budget

musician playing guitarYou need to decide on the amount of money you want to spend on a guitar. It is advisable to do it now because you may be tempted to overspend for a certain color or shape. Since you are starting out, you should not buy an expensive one. This is because if you find the instrument is not ideal for you, you do not want to waste a lot of money. Instead, you should start out with cheap guitars and then build up in price as you advance your playing skills and dedication. After narrowing down to a few options, you need to research on your options to find the best guitar.


It is advisable to get a starter pack for your guitar. Some of the things a starter pack will have are a strap, cables, plectrums, and amplifier. In most cases, you will buy a guitar and accessories separately. You may also consider getting cleaning fluid.