Four Types of Exercise Needed to Improve Your Health

When we think about exercise, the first thing that comes to our mind is strenuous activities and everything that makes us sweat vigorously like running or cycling. Will you be surprised to know that even standing and holding positions over a long period of time, like yoga, is actually considered another form of exercise? Each exercise differs in terms of the skill you mostly use.


1. Aerobic Exercises

In order to maintain healthy circulation and oxygenation, your heart and lungs need to work a little harder than usual. Exercises which gets your heart pumping faster and lung breathing in more oxygen are considered as aerobic exercises or commonly called as cardio training activities. This includes running, swimming, cycling, and almost any activity that makes your heart beat faster. This type of exercise is beneficial for our physical and mental health as it reduces body fat, therefore having less risk in cardiovascular disease, and it improves cognitive function and lessens anxiety. So if you have extra time within your busy day, running for even short periods of time can help you function better.

2. Strength Exercisesweight

Examples of this exercise are lifting weights and doing push-ups as these activities require you to use resistance in order to gain lean muscle mass. Gaining lean muscle is equal to burning calories as well. Depending on the duration and intensity of an exercise, doing strength training can sometimes burn more calories than doing cardio exercises.

3. Balance Exercises

As we age, we tend to lose our balance along the way, that’s why it’s vital for us to develop it while we’re young. It’s also incorporated with different kinds of activities and sports together with the other types of exercises. Even when we are walking, running, or carrying things, we utilize balance in almost all of our daily activities, thus making it essential to incorporate it in our daily workouts. One good example is yoga, which requires you to concentrate on holding certain positions over a period of time.

balance4. Flexibility Exercises

The first thing that comes to our minds when it comes to flexibility is ballet or gymnastics. When done regularly, you will improve your flexibility over time, and this will help you carry out your activities easier as it improves your range of motion. You don’t have to be a ballerina or gymnast to get that flexible; you just have do daily stretching along with proper breathing and balance. This also helps in easing your mind and lessening anxiety.